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  • SRA Meeting, 7 pm Wed April 16, 2014, The Severn River: Where Are All The Crabs? (Note change of day)
    Ground Floor Conference Room of Maryland's Department of Natural Resources, 580 Taylor Ave., Tawes State Office Building, Annapolis, MD 21401.

    There's a reason why recreational and professional crabbers shun the Severn River. The crab population has plummeted. Same with fish and other aquatic life. Reason: Lack of oxygen in the water, which creates the dead zones. Pollution has created a constant dead zone, particularly in Round Bay and upstream. Recently the river suffered two of the largest dead zones ever recorded. What are the causes and what can be done to fight this threat? Pierre Henkart, PhD, will explain his detailed monitoring of Severn River since 2006.

  • Visit SRA on Facebook:   The Severn River Association is the oldest river association in the U.S. and Anne Arundel County’s only river group in continuous operation since 1911. SRA meets the third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at Arlington Echo, 975 Indian Landing Rd., Millersville, MD 21108. The meetings are free. Residents and representatives of community associations are encouraged to attend, get involved and make their opinions on watershed issues known.

  • Stormwater Action Fund, program update announced by SRA.

  • Five Charged with Oyster Poaching
    March 7: The Maryland Natural Resources Police charged five Queen Anne's County watermen Wednesday with illegally taking 51 bushels of oysters from a protected area near the mouth of the Wicomico River within Tangier Sound. Acting on a tip, officers used the Maritime Law Enforcement Information Network, a series of radar units and cameras, to track several work boats patent tonging in the remote 69-acre Evans Oyster Harvest Reserve Area. Once officers established and recorded the boats' activities, they moved in and issued citations
  • Power Point Slideshow, Dr. Donald Boesch Presentation on February 18, 2014
    Rising Sea Levels – An Immediate Challenge To Annapolis
    (Mime type is incorrectly dispensed by our server; download to your computer, and then view it locally.)         Same slideshow, older format, if the other doesn't display.

  • Oyster News, latest and back issues.
    SRA is a leading partner in the Marylanders Grow Oysters Program, sponsored by the MD Department of Natural Resources which distributes free cages and spat to four points in the watershed.  Please volunteer if you have access to a dock to hang cages from and time to care for the oysters from Sept-May.  The young oysters will be planted on the SRA Oyster Sanctuary reef near the Rt 50 bridge, where they will help cleanse the waters of the Severn.. Click here for complete details including how to volunteer.
  • Operation Clearwater begin its 40th year in 2014. It’s time to plan for this summer’s water quality monitoring program, supplying swimmers and other recreational water users with valuable information on the bacteriological quality of their water. We sample community beaches and marinas throughout the Severn River watershed, collecting water samples and providing data on counts of enterococci. Dr. Tammy Domanski & Dr. Sally Hornor will work together this summer.

  • Severn River Stormwater Controls Just Don’t Work. The extensive problems with broken runoff control systems is revealed in a Severn River Preliminary Watershed Audit (Press Release) conducted by the Severn River Association (SRA) and Community & Environmental Defense Services (CEDS).

  • Community Associations that are members of SRA are entitled to a seat on the Board of Directors, but many have neglected to designate their community's representative or, if they have, such designees are inactive. If you would like to serve in that role, please click here for instructions.

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Our Mission Statement: The Severn River Association, a group of individuals and community organizations, advocates, educates, and acts to protect and improve the health, ecological integrity, and quality of life for humans, flora and fauna living in the Severn River Watershed.


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