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SRA Educational Meeting: “Where's That Rain Tax Getting Spent?”
7 PM Tuesday May 19, 2015,
 Ground Floor Conference Room of Maryland's Department of Natural Resources,
580 Taylor Ave., Tawes State Office Building, Annapolis, MD 21401.  Directions:

Anne Arundel County's grand push to control stormwater runoff is well underway, despite recent and repeated political efforts to kill the so-called rain tax. Where will these million-dollar stormwater projects be located? When will work begin? Our guest speakers are Erik Michelsen, administrator for the Watershed Protection & Restoration Program,  and Sheri Lott, engineer manager.   

UPCOMING: Great Estates on the Severn, Saturday June 20, 2015, SRA's Tour/Fundraiser at historic Belvoir Farms. More information on the event and registration is at    Here's a glimpse of what we'll see:


Operation Clearwater 2015 provides regular monitoring of the microbial water quality at your waterfront recreational area, an excellent program for monitoring and improving water quality.  Click here for further information about enrolling your community in this important program.

Past Educational and Other SRA Meetings

West Annapolis/Wardour celebration of Maryland Day
, Saturday March 21, co-sponsored by SRA, celebrated native trees. An arborist discussed “Trees When to Remove Dying TREES and what TREES to plant in their place in Severn River Communities”.  We also offered free seedlings, and $25 coupons for tree purchase at participating area nurseries, and displayed a working stormwater model to show how stormwater pollutes our watershed for students and their parents to actuate.  Many other exhibits and events also occurred on Annapolis Street as part of the celebration.

SRA Educational Series, 7 PM Tuesday April 14, 2015, at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation Philip Merrill Environmental Center, "Conowingo - What are the Options?" by guest speaker John Seebach, Vice President, Federal River Management, American Rivers. Just what can be done to contain a mountain of pollution in storage behind the Conowingo Dam? In its prime, the dam captured two-thirds of the pollution coming down the river and kept it out of the Chesapeake Bay, but it's now at full capacity. Exelon, wants to renew the license from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to operate the power-generating station. Various remediation options will be discussed, together with the political winds that will influence the future.

SRA Educational Series, 7 PM Wednesday March 18, 2015, at Union Jacks Restaurant, 2072 Somerville Road Annapolis, "Home Septic Systems – Are They the Severn’s Biggest Polluter?" by guest speaker Richard Piluk, Senior Health Engineer from the Anne Arundel Health Department.

SRA Educational Series, was held 7 PM Tuesday, January 20, 2015, "Rising Tides Threaten Annapolis Area" at the Quaker Meeting House, 351 Dubois Rd., Annapolis, MD 21401. Annapolis is flooding more than it has in the past 300 years because of rising sea level caused by climate change. Scientific results detailed in a new report "Encroaching Tides" was discussed by Dr. Melanie Fitzpatrick, Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS lead scientist for the report.

SRA Educational Series, October, “Meet The Candidates Night”, was held on Friday October 17 at 7:00PM
Environment Night, A River Watch Forum. Should Anne Arundel County tackle stormwater pollution? Enforce Critical Areas rules? Repeal the rain tax? How will your money be spent on environmental issues? George Johnson (D) and Steve Schuh (R) debatef how to address pollution threats to our rivers and creeks.

SRA Educational Series, September, "Restoring water quality in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, what is working and what still needs to be done" was held September 16, 2014. Click for presentation:    (PowerPoint or PDF)

Is Your Favorite Tree a Savior or a Destroyer? On July 15, 2014 Master Arborist Tyler Balderson explained how to care for trees, where to plant them, and how to spot trouble when a good tree goes bad. Here's his PowerPoint slide presentation.

Power Point Slideshow, Dr. Donald Boesch Presentation on February 18, 2014
Rising Sea Levels – An Immediate Challenge To Annapolis

Jabez 3 Blowout Update. The headwaters of the Severn River are at the very top of the watershed. This region of the river is environmentally important because it is the place where our river starts, contains some of its most ecologically critical and biologically productive areas, and is also afflicted by large impervious areas of development: highways, roads, large commercial and industrial areas, and housing. Among the critical features of the headwaters region is Jabez Branch, Severn Run's largest tributary and unique as the only coastal plain stream in Maryland with a naturally reproducing population of brook trout.

SRA's board has made the improvement of Jabez Branch 3 its number one priority.  Stormwater from I-97 and Route 32’s interchange’s floods the local watershed in rain, and we believe it is the largest source of sediment polluting the Severn River. (click for more info)

We had a great Annual Dinner & Oyster Celebration, June 18, Annapolis Maritime Museum, with a focus on the marvelous oyster and its active work to save the Severn River.

Speaker Michael Busch addressing the SRA Annual Meeting and Dinner

Stormwater Action Fund, program update announced by SRA.

Five Charged with Oyster Poaching. March 7: The Maryland Natural Resources Police charged five Queen Anne's County watermen Wednesday with illegally taking 51 bushels of oysters from a protected area near the mouth of the Wicomico River within Tangier Sound. Acting on a tip, officers used the Maritime Law Enforcement Information Network, a series of radar units and cameras, to track several work boats patent tonging in the remote 69-acre Evans Oyster Harvest Reserve Area. Once officers established and recorded the boats' activities, they moved in and issued citations.

Oyster News, latest and back issues, plus complete details on how to volunteer.
SRA is a leading partner in the Marylanders Grow Oysters Program, sponsored by the MD Department of Natural Resources which distributes free cages and spat to four points in the watershed.  Please volunteer if you have access to a dock to hang cages from and time to care for the oysters from Sept-May.  The young oysters will be planted on the SRA Oyster Sanctuary reef near the Rt 50 bridge, where they will help cleanse the waters of the Severn.

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